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What is TIGO?

TIGO, short for "Tinh Gọn", a Vietnamese word that means "Lean and optimum". Our slogan "Streamline Your Work" is a key driver to strike the right balance between personalization versus automation, relevance versus frequency etc. Our collective memory with past projects has always kept us vigilant about the typical pain problems in the software industry. One of those things is "Keep It Simple, but Significant".

H+ solutions is our recipe for cost-cutting and bringing added values for business development. It's really one-of-a-kind which couldn't be found in any other IT firms. The key thing is that we respect user needs and product-market-fit instead of forcing clients to follow the worldwide tech trends.

TIGO means Lean and optimum
Lean and optimum principles is our key success.

TIGO chose the niche in SME to provide the “flat” layer on top of the existing application. Simply put, it is a set of simple utilities for “quick” tasks such as: search data, explore data repository, analyze the trend from existing data source, extract metadata from data storages, etc

Các giải pháp xử lý dữ liệu cho doanh nghiệp
Mining and visualizing data with super-easy TIGO solutions

We provide an end-to-end business management software solution for professional and creative services that helps to streamline work and eliminate routine tasks. We want to ensure that software is at hand for all users. To achieve this, we initially come up with the “CONCEPT” that our software design must be lean, fast, flexi and smart enough.

TIGO doesn’t dream becoming a big IT company. We choose to become a leader in the niche. We pursue to reach the highest level of general development, or state-of-the-art product development.

We provide the out-of-the-box, nimble, disruptive thinking necessary to compete and thrive in the ever-changing uncertain world.

How is TIGO different from other companies?

TIGO seeks an approach to create the wide range of functions that fills the gaps in large software solutions that aren’t in line with small enterprises (SME), including gaps in: Sales Boost, Lead Nurture Funnel, Customer Tracking, User Information Capture, Employee Performance Improvement, Online Marketing Tools, Ads Campaigns, Advanced Survey, Online Store, etc. This approach is also known as “Horizontal Integration”.

Given the horizontal integration architecture, TIGO develops a solution so-called “One Tube” – a long pipeline that runs in every module before aggregating the final information in Dashboard.

Show us your pain points, we’ll resolve it.

Given the philosophy “Lean but flexible”, TIGO constantly seeks a better solution for the existing problems. We believe that “job comes to find us, not vice versa”. . This becomes a passion and momentum for us to go further on our career path.

Why does TIGO use the “LEAN” principle as a primary way to grow business?

We believe that “lean” is the traction to make our business expandable. More specifically, we build products based on L.U.C.I principle:

L.U.C.I principle

Các giải pháp xử lý dữ liệu cho doanh nghiệp

  • Always Lean, Lightweight
  • Emphasize the importance of “Usability”.
  • Information-centric: Transform to higher grade of information (knowledge, wisdom).
  • Easy to “Customize” - fit customer needs of any size.

Regarding the “lean”, TIGO builds its own objectives based on the following two rules:

Rule “Relevant”

Let’s strike the right balance between “frequent” and “relevant”. It is a trade off for the success formula. The frequently used features but irrelevant should not include. On the contrary, the seemingly relevant features but rarely used should be determined for later use

Rule “Travel Light”

Mean “To travel without bringing much luggage1”. This rule is also applied in software development processes that must be as lean as possible.

Our business domains

We developed the following products and solutions:

  1. “Sales Management”, CRM, POS and express Accounting (passbook)
  2. The value-added utilities for the customer support systems: HelpDesk, Service/Ticket Desk
  3. Customizable Online Store that connects with back-office systems: CRM, Sales and Inventory Management, e-Office, …
  4. Booking apps (car, home accessories, property…) that integrates the payment gateways
  5. Dashboard and reporting tools of all sizes, combining the advance search tools and multi-layer filters, as well as customizing the content format before it’s rendered in GUI
  6. Smart search tools using the high performance techniques “” or “ElasticSearch”
  7. Smart Quiz apps for schools, education departments and institutions
  8. Smart School and School Portal apps for institution business management, also known as "ERP for School"
  9. Odoo ERP solution for SME, including training, technical support and customization

Let’s be more innovative to make things simple and lean.

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